Summer Camp Wedding with a twist of California Boho? Alexander Photography is all over it! I love the central coast weddings. I had a write up about it on Range Finder Magazine so make sure you click on the link to check it out. I shot Presley and Cody's engagement session at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful engagements of the year. If you missed it click here to check it out. This amazing couple hosted such a fun event. They wanted to make sure that everyone of their guests had a blast and you can really see within these images. The sunset portraits are nothing short of amazing. They brought their passion and love and the sun brought its UV rays to create a dance of magic. Enjoy this incredible Summer Camp Wedding done California style at Jamala Canon Ranch. Cheers to Cody and Presley!  BTW in case you were wondering, the pizza pumped out by the cute turquoise pizza oven is AMAZING! Autostrada makes Some of the best pizza I've ever had!