I LOVE Los Angeles, but to get away sometimes to photograph a rad couple is just priceless. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay and was so excited to be able to shoot with Jennifer and Tyler. Knowing just how gorgeous the Bay Area is, I was certain we would get some amazing photographs. And we did. The story here is a couple that just enjoys the outdoors. Sam Mcdonald park is the backyard to many in the area. Endless breathtaking trails under a canopy of redwood trees. Some of them are at least 2000 years old. I couldn't help myself, I actually hugged a darn redwood while scouting locations. What can I say, my inner hippie was channeled by my surroundings. If you've never experienced redwoods, I'll bet you'll hug one too once in the presence of one, haha.

We then moved along to Pomponio State Beach just 15 minutes towards the great Pacific for a little bubbly! Please enjoy these images of this intimate and fun couple. They were a pair of sweet hearts who truly adore each other. I can't wait to see them again. Cheers my friends!