A first for me shooting a wedding in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Rengstorff House in Mountain view is just splendid. Built in 1867 by Henry Rengstoff a prominent local businessman who operated a ferry between San Francisco and Mountain View. The story here is that I actually have known this beautiful bride since high school. It amazes me how time just passes by. Meghan and I would carpool together to school in the early mornings. We would blast our favorite reggae tunes and weave through traffic to make it to class on time. Those were the good old days. Since then, fifteen years or so grew between us in a snap. In Spring 2015 she contacted me and said, "I need a wedding photographer." The rest of the story unfolds here within these images. Needless to say it was such an honor being part of this wonderful couples wedding day, and having a chance to shoot at such a beautiful landmark was a privilege. Enjoy these simple images of these two love birds. This wedding will always have a special place in my heart. Congrats to you both my dear friends.